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Micro Max Systems specializes in the design, deployment, integration, maintenance and support of IT infrastructure and computer systems. We partner closely with our customers to assist in professionally aligning IT resources which deliver enhanced business services and help achieve key organisational goals.


Whether you need to upgrade aging equipment, or deploy new systems to run software applications specific to your business, we have the experience, expertise and technical skills to ensure you receive the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your requirements.


1. Networking:

Networks are the backbone of every organization and hence its plays a pivotal role in achieving business objectives. Failures in network can end-up into loss of business and status, ultimately affecting profitability. Many business applications run on networks such as CRM, ERP, Database, Email etc. Today business demand on faster network has increased with ever growing requirements. There are currently three types of networks available at our end:

Active: In this the nodes are programmed to execute custom operations on the messages that pass through the node. Just like a node could be customized to handle calls on an individual user basis or to handle multicast calls differently than other calls. We at Micro Max Systems provide superior Active networking solutions that are tailor-made as per your requirements.


Passive: In passive network, each node works on a pre-defined function or process and they don't execute any instruction at any node and don't change their behavior vigorously. Usually, this behavior is related to each network router node and we at Micro Max Systems can provide the best solution in the industry.

Managed: Managed network is a kind of communication network that is developed, operated, secured and managed by a third-party service provider. A managed network is an outsourced network that offers some or all the network solutions required by a firm. We at Micro Max Systems can also provide you Managed networking solutions with impeccable after sales service.


2. Desktop and Server Management


Managing PCs in an enterprise can be a daunting task. Micro Max Systems's experience in ZENworks suit of product , Configuration management  and ZENworks for Servers gives you the ability to dramatically reduce the cost of desktop computer and server ownership while increasing reliability, security, and performance. We have extensive experience in desktop/server management services and an impressive track record for successfully helping businesses cut costs while increasing the performance of their desktop computers as well as their servers. Our services include:


  • Patch Management
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Software Distribution
  • Operating System Imaging
  • End Point Security


This service includes technical support for almost any end user device, application or data including office and personal peripherals. We maintain the hardware, operating system, application and user data, configuration changes, antivirus software updates and operating system patches of both traditional and virtualized environments.


  • Installation, Monitoring & Management  and Virtualization
  • Tracking OS & Application Maintenance and Systems Resource
  • Performance Reports & Alerts
  • Data Backup Scheduling and Risk Assessment
  • 24x7 Operations and Support
  • Reporting & Analysis

3. Storage


Proper server hardware can help in improving redundant hardware for critical internal devices. A failure of one device would result in a warning, but the system would continue to operate and run your business. Today server-based storage is a new class of data storage that eliminates cost and intricacy by housing storage media within servers rather than in dedicated and custom-engineered storage groups. Server-based storage arrays from simple SAN replacement appliances to newer modules of devices such as hyper-congregated infrastructure appliances and software-defined storage products.



A SAN is storage that allows many different servers to easily access the storage, which is connected in a fabric through a switch. There is literally no visible difference between accessing data storage in a SAN or storage that is directly connected from a server application and operating system standpoint. Similarly, NAS is a method of remote file serving that enables file sharing and centralized data management. Rather than using the software on your own file system, file access is conveyed to another device using a remote protocol.


Micro Max Systems can provide both services depending on the IT infrastructure of the organization.

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